Mural Painting Commission for Sasuke Ramen & Dining Bar, London

Mural Painting at Sasuke Ramen & Dining Bar in London, 5 Panton Street, SW1Y 4DL

Title: Refresh the inner man with Ramen

Theme: Japanese Ninja & Samurai

Inspired by Utagawa, Toyokuni Ukiyo-e Prints

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"Salad" at L'Escargot, 48 Greek Street, Soho, London

I am showing two paintings at the second of a series of group show at L'Escargot, a well-known French restaurant in London. The exhibition is called "Salad", and twenty artists are participating.  This exhibition opens until March 2015 so please have a look around amazing artworks when you have a chance to visit the restaurant. 

The artists include:

Ben Clarke, Reg Gadney, Simon Granger, Jumpei Kinoshita, Motoko Ishibashi, Neil Jeffries, Jin Han Lee, Alastair Mackinven, James Ng, Vaishali Prazmari, Ellie Pratt, Paul Richards, Liz Rideal, Babette Semmer, Andrew Stahl, Charlotte Verity, Virginia Verran, Barbara Wesolowska, Tom Worsfold and Vivien Zhang.

The exhibition is curated by Andrew Stahl

RWS Contemporary Watercolour Competition

One of my watercolour is selected to the shortlist of RWS competition this year.

The exhibition run from 7th to 19th March 2014. Please visit Bankside Gallery to see my latest artwork.


Location: Royal Watercolour Society, Bankside Gallery, 48 Hopton Street, London, SE1 9JH

Date: 7 - 19 March 2014

Time: daily 11am - 6pm

講演「浮世絵が世界に与えた影響」 (Lecture by Jumpei Kinoshita: "How did Ukiyo-e Affect the European Art?" )

場所:英国日本人会  二水会 ロンドン


Lecture by Jumpei Kinoshita: "How did Ukiyo-e Affect the European Art?" 
Date: 09 October 2013

Location: Japan Association, London 

Degree Show Review

Review of my artwork is on Artfetch - vol. 154: Trendspotting - Hidden reflective colours.

"this idea of a white frame on a white wall emitting colour from behind, engendered purely by the paint on the reverse of the object, completely captured me. Like the work of Donald Judd before them, these objects question space, medium, effect and our emotion. And, just as with Judd’s simple–seeming, yet utterly compelling objects, I was completely excited by these works and their potential." by Charlie Levine, Chief UK Artfetcher and Curator