Jumpei Kinoshita is a London-based artist, who is not only specialized in abstract art but also paints portraits. 

His abstract art is, on the one hand, based on the expression of his feeling and emotion. Creating harmony among different shapes, marks and colour is the key to his paintings. He applies paint wet on wet paint intuitively to illustrate his feeling of the day while thinking about the composition how each line and shape negotiate and share the space on the canvas. His choices of colour refer to not only the season when the paintings were made but also the cities where he is originally from and lives currently, such as Tokyo and London. Through the process, Jumpei is exploring his abstract paintings. 

Since March 2020, on the other hand, Jumpei has started to paint portraits for the first time since his childhood. The pandemic and the UK lockdown gave him a rare opportunity to look into his inner deep feeling. 

At first, he sketched and painted many self-portraits while looking at a mirror. Then, he decided to take hundreds of pictures of himself and artists he knew. It was such a time-consuming process to get right images that captured them very well. When he paints a portrait while looking at a picture he took, what Jumpei wants to paint is not only what the person looks like but also spirit and soul of the person, and this is his new challenge to these portraits.